HandBags of Hope.org 

Empowering Women 1 Handbag at a Time....  

Welcome to HandBags of Hope


Together we give gifts of Beauty, Empowerment and Hope! one Hand bag at a time.

Handbags of Hope is a unique organization. Our passion is Empowering women escaping an abusive situation.  As women we know how important a woman’s purse is to her everyday life, we could consider it a third arm. One of our earliest childhood lessons is not to go in Mom’s purse; we learn how personal this item is. This is what we do; give back this very important possession to women who have few personal items to call their own. 

 Each purse has 10 purse necessities added to it creating a functional handbag. Our purses are gifted to a variety of D.V. shelters and programs. We gift roughly 2,000 bags a year, a little over 17,000 in 8 years.

 Bringing Awareness to Domestic Abuse is a large part of our advocacy. Focusing on the mental, financial and verbal abuse that lives in our neighborhoods every day. Most times when people hear the words D.V. their minds immediately go to the physical. Truthfully seldom is the abuse physical, generally not until he thinks shes leaving. Its all about power and control. Unfortunately 3 women will die today from an abuser, but how many hundreds live in silence. We believe you cant Break the Silence from behind a desk.

 HandBags of Hope is run by two women,a host of volunteers , faith and prayer.  We depend on 90% product donations from the Purses to the Filler items. Much of our support comes from churches, schools, businesses and corporations hosting Drives for us.  Our funding comes from our own personal fundraising efforts, fundraising from others and personal funds

contact Jackie 586-2152050 or Lisa 248-892-3805